Circular Trading System (CTS) Subscription Form
(includes an automatic 2-week FREE trial)

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to read the Circular Trading System Terms of Use.

The current subscription rate for basic service is $95.00 per month, billed to your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card.

A discount is available for those who opt to subscribe on a quarterly basis, which is billed at $249 every 3 months.

All CTS subscriptions include all of the following:

    CTS Equities System (Overnight)
    CTS Futures System (index futures, bonds, FX, gold)
    CTS Futures DayTrade System (index futures, bonds, FX, gold)
    Intraday Trading Alerts (email and/or text)
    Complete Access to the 12-month Trading History of every stock and future used by all CTS systems
    Free Access to The Crystal Ball Forum (a $14.95/month value)

If you have an authorization code for a special subscription rate from another site, you will be prompted for it at the conclusion of the signup, at which time you will also be prompted for your choice of login UserName.

*All new subscriptions automatically receive a 2-week FREE trial.  If at the end of that time you decide to cancel, just email us, and your subscription fee will be refunded, no questions asked.  

All CTS subscribers also receive free access to The Crystal Ball Forum, one of the internet's most exclusive discussion forums for active traders and technical analysts.

If you have any trouble, or don't like using forms, then just email us at, or else call the office at 215-661-1100 (FAX: 484-961-8018).


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